Bringing to your home, 100% traceable chicken from farms of Sikkim.



Healthy and Hygienic

We are revolutionizing the unhygienic and unhealthy meat market in Sikkim by replacing it with our 100% hygienically bred, fresh, clean and healthy chicken.

Support Local Economy

We pledge to strengthen the local economy and have payments directly transferred to farmers ensuring no middleman handling and fee cuts.

Farm To Table

All the produce are directly procured from the farmers and is served to our customers.

100% Traceable

We are always open about our production and its origins. In case of doubts, be assured that the chicken you buy is 100% traceable from within the state of Sikkim.

Why choose Sikkim Farms?

At Sikkim Farms, the products are 100% traceable as it travels from the farm to the table. We provide convenience that makes it easy to place orders even in bulk and at the same time, smaller orders as well. We pledge to deliver quality beyond doubt. The products on our platform are all organically sourced from healthy and hygienic conditions of rearing and breeding and the entire endeavor is initiated to support local economy.